Serums to keep you motivated this winter – Winter Serums for skin

winter serums for skin

Serums to keep you motivated this winter – Winter Serums for Skin


If someone asks you what the best winter serums for skin are, this blog will help you answer all the queries for a bright and glowing skin.

Winters do not mean you should hibernate like some animals. The reasons may be otherwise, they hibernate due to food search and you may be hibernating due to a dull, dry and uneven skin. Winters are as much good as other seasons are for the skin, you just need to use the right winter serums for skin and Voila, your skin is perfect!

This winter come out of your shell and experience the cold on your face without skin breakout and dry skin with a handful of serums that fit right according to your skin type.


Winter serums for skin

Every skin type is unique and may act differently in all four seasons. Winters are favorable for people with oily skin but a torture for dry skin people. Some people with oily skin experience dry skin during winters only, what could be the reason and what is there to resolve it? Let’s dig in:


  1. Dry Skin

The skin type that rules them all during winters in skincare is the Dry Skin. Winters are the most painful and torturous time of the year for people with Dry Skin but there are ways to zero breakouts and a glowing skin.


100% Squalane Oil and products that contain Squalane Oil are the perfect purchases during winters for people with dry skin. Our skin naturally produces Squalene Oil that keeps the skin oily and moisturized. In people with dry skin, the production of Squalene Oil is quite low, thus the skin stays dry. This oil is not much greasy and absorbs quite well without giving off a oily appearance and also it keeps the skin moisturized.


Argan oil can also be used on a dry skin, but due to the potency of this oil being warm, it is best to not use it daily. Argan oil is often termed as Golden Magic which is true since it also helps in treating uneven skin tone which often no oil does.


  1. Oily Skin

If you have an oily skin, winters must be your favorite season of the year because now your skin is finally producing the optimal amount of oil your face needs. But few people have an extremely oily skin in which all four seasons are a torture for them.

In that case, 100% Pure Hyaluronic Acid is the serum their skincare routine must have. Hyaluronic Acid replenishes natural hyluron in the skin and keeps the skin hydrated and moisturized. The oil is produced on the skin if skin gets the stimulus that it needs moisturization. When Hyaluronic acid is applied on the skin, this stimulus suppresses because Hyaluronic Acid is already keeping the skin hydrated which in turn results in less production of Sebum and less oily face.


  1. Combination Skin


Combination skin is a real torture when it comes to buying products since you feel like nothing cheats on you more than your own body. One-part sweats with excessive oil while the other parts are too chappy that the skin breaks when you apply something. How is that possible to apply one product all over the face evenly?


It gets even more difficult when applying makeup because you’ll be needing different products for almost every side of your face. This will result in uneven tone. But not anymore.


Applying Squalane oil on the dry patches, Coenzyme q10 on the whole face and 100% Pure Hyaluronic Acid on the oily areas will glide your makeup so smoothly that your whole face would look even and one tone.




Do’s and Do nots of Winter Season

  1. Take fewer warm baths

Winters are all about fun, playing in the snow or enjoying the cold breeze while you drink your hot beverages and warm baths. As much soothing the warm bath is, the worse it is for our skin. Warm water tends to remove moisture from the skin; thus it leaves the skin drier. This is why it is said to use cold water on the scalp/hair to avoid dandruff.


  1. Eat oil rich food

If you live on higher altitudes with less humidity, this is definitely a pointer for you to remember. Oil rich food keeps the skin cells moist and induces sebum production. Sebum is essential for the skin and it stops the skin from cracking due to dryness. So, eat healthy, stay healthy.


  1. Less caffeine, better skin

Caffeine is something that is sold most during winters and why not? Cold breezes call for hot beverages, don’t they? But caffeine does make your skin dry by overcharging your cells and it has a natural property of making the skin dry. So, watch out for it!


  1. Keep yourself always moisturized

Even if you are washing your hands after every few minutes, do not forget to moisturize your skin immediately. The longer you keep your skin dry, the more chances there are for skin breakout and even acne breakout due to dryness. The more your skin is moisturized, the glower it’ll be.


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