Vitamin C: Everything you need to know about vitamin c for skin

vitamin c for skin

Vitamin C is the most common vitamin we have all grown up hearing about. But have you ever thought if you’re getting enough of vitamin c for skin? In a study, it was found out that almost 15% of US adults are vitamin c deficient. It is vital to take up almost 65 to 90mg vitamin c daily to help your body fight antioxidants. Did you know vitamin C is the main source of an even tone and a clean skin? You bet it is.

Vitamin C for skin

Vitamin c has gained its reputation in the skincare market over years for its amazing benefits for skin. Here are few facts you didn’t know vitamin c for skin has:

  1. Fights antioxidants

Of all its benefits, we know that for sure vitamin c fights antioxidants. With the ozone layer breaking, our earth is exposed to many more harmful UV rays which it wasn’t before. Our body is exposed to these harmful UV rays daily even if we stay indoors, these rays create free radicals in the body which can even turn into cancerous cell growth!

Vitamin C is the best source of increasing your body’s ability to fight these free radicals. Free radicals create freckles and is a reason behind hyperpigmentation. But what reduces it? Vitamin C!!!

  1. Clear skin, even tone

To achieve that clear skin we only see in magazines, all you need are few drops of this magical serum. Vitamin c serums are amazing when used correctly. They reduce hyperpigmentation, treats acne scars and even dark spots in turn letting you achieve an even tone and a clear skin!

  1. Fade away discoloration

Are you stressed out that you can’t afford discoloration treatments? Are they out of your budget? Worry no more, vitamin c serums are here to save the day. When used correctly, vitamin c products will not only fade away discoloration, but will add up a natural glow that you won’t get in those expensive discoloration treatments. Get your hands on vitamin c serums today!

Be careful when using Vitamin C products

Vitamin C is an active ingredient and one thing you should know for sure is it’s shelf life. The shelf life for vitamin c is 3-4 months if kept in a refrigerator.

How to determine if my vitamin c serum has expired?

Vitamin c is an active ingredient and when the vitamin c serums expires, they turn into stingy yellow/orange or brown color. Yellow means you can use it on non-sensitive areas, orange means it’s time you stop using this serum and brown is the absolute definition of ‘you need to throw away this bottle’

Your skin is your temple, take well care of it!

You are beautiful naturally, don’t stress out if you don’t have a clear skin, because the art is to be comfortable in your own skin. Don’t overuse products, don’t try too much on your skin that you end up having a bad skin. Research, ask and use!

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