Increase Skin Quality and Glow with Vitamin b5 for skin

Vitamin b5 for skin
When it comes to skincare, we often either take the high road of using multiple products or neglecting our skin completely. There is no in between. But there are few components that are a must to add in your skincare list whether you are a skincare freak or not. Among them, vitamin B5 for skin is the ultimate solution for all your skincare problems. This provitamin not only heals the skin, but makes the skin soft, supple and more elastic.
We have a lot more for you to apprehend the basic needs of your skin. Just as you need food to burn the turmoil of daily grind, your skin requires that too. Despite ignoring your skin, it’s time you take care of it like it does by protecting your whole body. Did you know that our skin is the first and largest protective layer of our body? Now you do.

Why Vitamin B5 for skin?

The Chemistry Behind this amazing Pro-vitamin:

Pro-vitamin B5 orignates from a fiber-rich grain species, often termed as Panthenol. When in contact with skin, Pro-vitamin B5 is converted to B5, an essential vitamin for the skin to function optimally. Amazing, right? Your skin has the capability to transform the complete structure of a vitamin and you thought your skin is nothing but a layer?
While we need our daily doses of vitamins, Vitamin B5 is the necessary vitamin your skin needs. This extraordinary vitamin is subtle and does not cause much harm to the skin. As amazing as it sounds, it has regenerative, healing, moisturizing and protective properties.

Skin Stabilizer

Our daily consumption of water is less than the water we lose through our skin. Vitamin B5 aids in entrapping moisture in the deep cells of the skin, therefore, stabilizes the skin barrier. This stabilization reduces the amount of water loss and in turn improves skin’s elasticity and softness.

The healer

You can not get any better product than vitamin b5 for skin. Among all other benefits of vitamin B5, it reduces redness and itching, you can recognize now better how subtle this vitamin is for your skin.
Studies show that wounds treated with Pro-vitamin B5 yielded great results of creating more solid and elastic regenerative tissues in the skin.

Excellent Anti-aging vitamin

Tired of trying out products to reduce those fine lines and wrinkles but to no use? Have you given vitamin B5 a try? Vitamin B5 for skin is known for its excellent anti-aging properties since it moisturizes, softens and soothes the skin therefore decreasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Just when you thought we were done bragging about how good vitamin b5 for skin is, we have yet another point for you to rethink what you have been using past these years for your skin. The UV damage creates free radicals in our body, Vitamin b5 fights that too and promotes new skin cells.


The key property of Vitamin B5 is that it keeps the moisture under the surface of the skin,
Its exfoliating properties fight free radicals and promotes new skin cells. This moisture will ‘fill in’ the area which it is applied, and fine lines will be less visible. We use this unique vitamin in our night serum!

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