Top 4 benefits of vitamin b5 for skin

vitamin b5 for skin

One of the many names of vitamin B5 in the world of chemistry is D-pantothenic acid which is largely famous for its amazing health effects. The water-soluble property of vitamin b5 makes it light-weight since it can easily break down without leaving any excess particles. With vitamin b5, there’s never tension of getting too extra, it is a basic building block that lets our bodies use what we apply on our skin to its full potential. Therefore, the utmost benefit of vitamin b5 for skin is that it increases healing and lowers stress. Most remarkable of its properties are of what it does to our skin, dig up below and you will be surprised why you haven’t been using it all your life.


The top 4 benefits of Vitamin B5 for skin


  1. Promotes Scar Repair and Wound Healing

Did you know doctors recommend their surgery patients to use vitamin b5 to increase their body’s healing process? Now you do. It also helps in skin regeneration and lessening scarring on the skin.

If your doctor prescribes oral vitamin b5 to fight back the major wounds and scarring on your skin while the wound is still open, then this would be a correct decision. However, when the wound is properly closed or the scarring does not peep out anymore, the dermal application of vitamin b5 serums and creams can help that area of skin to recover.


  1. Wrinkle Reducer

What did we say about vitamin b5 reducing stress on your body by enhancing the body’s natural healing? When your body takes less stress, your skin stays young and fresh, thus, fewer wrinkles! If you start using vitamin b5 on your skin, that means you’re reducing stress and in return, vitamin b5 is reducing your facial stubborn wrinkles and fine lines. Even scientifically, vitamin b5 smoothens out the face.

Glutathione is an amazing antioxidant that protects the skin from damage and its levels are increased when vitamin b5 is used around it. While vitamin b5 makes it way to heal your skin, glutathione clumps with free radicals to prevent skin damage with its amazing antioxidant properties. By massaging vitamin b5 serums and/or creams on your skin, stimulating the action of Glutathione adds up firmness to your skin, now you have both wrinkle protection and visible wrinkle reduction!


  1. Preventing Acne Marks

The most common benefits of vitamin b5 for skin that we have been repeating is its healing property, while vitamin b5 makes it way in healing your skin and increasing the possibility of reducing scars, it won’t be effective if you wait too long before applying it over acne. Since it has soothing properties, it can reduce inflammation and active acne, therefore, the best bet would be to use it on your irritated skin and active acne.

Vitamin b5 will further speed up your recovery time from the acne, and it will begin your skin’s healing process the inside out. Vitamin b5 for skin would rejuvenate, regenerate, and relax your skin, so what are you waiting for?


  1. All-day Hydration

Are you struggling to recover the fresh skin you used to have before you shipped a commercial product which stripped away both skin moisture and popped up acne on your skin? Maybe you simply have a naturally dry and dull skin that even moisturizers are not worth it?

Vitamin b5 for skin is the ultimate answer to all of this. It rejuvenates and regenerates the dry skin through its water-binding property and retains natural moisture by drawing natural moisture from the internal and external environment.

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