How to fix Major Skincare Mistakes – Step by step skincare routine

skincare routine

We all make mistakes and we learn from them, but skincare mistakes are merciless. Although the results are seen on a longer run, skincare mistakes may become the sole reason of breakout, open pores and what not. Here we have mentioned a step by step skincare routine that you may follow and stop making major skincare mistakes.

Everyone wants a glowing gorgeous skin, and you would do everything in your power to achieve that. You seem to be doing everything perfectly fine, but are you? Don’t ask yourself, see your face and read the blog.

Rookie Skincare mistakes and how to fix them with correct skincare routine

You may be doing several skincare mistakes that you may be thinking are right for your skin. But guess what, they may be the main reason of breakout, dull skin, and open pores. You do not deserve a bad skin, your skin deserves to shine bright like a diamond!

No matter how expensive products you are using or good quality products you’re incorporating, if the routine isn’t right, nothing will prove to be of any good use. Even Skin Deva‘s product won’t do as good if you are using wrong serum for a certain problem. You know you can always email us to consult for better recommendations, but meanwhile, this blog will help you fix all you need!

1. Not Wearing sunscreen with Vitamin C Serums is not the right skincare routine

Sunscreen is essential, but what about using it with vitamin C serums? Doesn’t Vitamin C serums already fight free radical? Yes, they sure do. While sunscreen provide a protective barrier, vitamin C fights the free radicals that penetrate into your skin even surpassing the thick layer of sunblock. Then why exactly should you use sunblock if either way the harmful rays will penetrate into the deeper layers? The reason is simple, sunblock prevents harmful UV rays from entering, and even if some do, they are few that can be easily caught and fought with vitamin C serums.

Vitamin C serums may prove to be ineffective if they are used correctly. It is recommended to use vitamin C serum to use with sunblock if using while leaving the house and at night before going to bed. Always make sure to rinse your face before applying anything. Make sure your skincare routine is on point to get that amazing glow that vitamin c promises.

2. Not using a moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid is definitely a bad skincare routine

The Hyaluronic Acid is not that acidic in nature and does not really sting on your skin/face. The skin naturally contains Hyaluron that declines with age. Hyaluronic Acid replenishes skin’s Hyaluron. The purpose of using Hyaluronic acid is to provide deeper penetration and maximum hydration. But if you have a dry skin or the weather is dry, you may be over stressing your skin. How come you are over stressing your skin with a product that hydrates the skin? Hyaluronic Acid has the property of penetrating in deeper layers, this leaves the external part of the skin a bit dry. In this care, using a moisturizer that suits your skin along with Hyaluronic Acid really helps.

Now with Hyaluronic Acid and moisturizer, your skin will stay moisturized and hydrated at the same time!

3. What are you doing in your skincare routine if you are washing your skin with harsh cleansers then using serums?

Many people complain that certain serums are drying up their skin and resulting in a bad reaction. What could be the actual reason? Your face wash/cleanser plays major role in the routine of your skincare.

Whatever chemicals you use on your skin to simply clean it, becomes the major cause of over-drying, clogged pores and dull skin. Always go for cleansers that simply clean your skin and does not over dry it. Often oil controlling cleansers seem to be helping in the beginning but then, the skin either over dries or breakouts starts. What’s the cause? Those active ingredients you are using or what? The active ingredients may also become a reason of the breakouts but that is because with harsh chemicals, you have been clearing out the protective layer of your skin. Our skin needs some natural grease to function properly, so these oil controlling cleansers may not be a good buy if you are using skincare products afterwards.

and the list may go on…..

The list of skincare mistakes is very lengthy, but what are the key things you should be aware of? Over-drying your skin, not using harsh chemicals, products that may clog your pores, being selective while buying skincare products, and using them in the correct manner.

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