Which serums I can use under my sunscreen? serum under sunscreen

serum under sunscreen

Whether it’s cold or hot, sunscreen is something you should never leave because does the sun stops coming out? It sure doesn’t. Although you’re soaking up the winter sun and enjoying the cold-hot bliss under it, you must know your skin is absorbing the free radicals it should not. So here’s a guide on how you can layer sunscreen even during winters. Why do we need serums? Serums absorb in the deeper layers of your skin, helps prevent major problems, and treats many skin issues. This is why, you should ask, “Which serums I can use under my sunscreen?” Serum under sunscreen, yes, please!

Serum under sunscreen

Depending on which sunscreen you use, what majorly affects the course of its actions is the way you layer your serums with it. Your sunblock might break you out but when layered with the right serums, it does not only leave an even tone but no breakouts! You should be aware of the serum under sunscreen your skin most demands.

Since it’s winter, you will also be needing moisturizers. Why not?

Serums prevent from UV rays:

While serums are high in antioxidants, yield better penetration in the deeper layers of the skin, they can actually fortify the skin against UV radiation which penetrates into the deeper layers of your skin, harming it to the core.

You do not want your skin to left alone with free radicals, do you? Despite applying sunscreen, it does not 100% qualify that your skin is free of free radicals. Some parts of UV rays still absorb. So to prevent the UV rays in harming your skin, serums high in antioxidants fight them and keep your skin risk-free!

Did you know?

UV rays do not directly harm your skin but the reflection of it does. The UV rays are prone to reflecting from surfaces like grass, water, sand, windshield, and penetrate into your skin. As important as wearing your daily SPF is, it’s even more important to align them with antioxidant serums.

Serums to beat the free radicals

SPF or sunscreens are important because they provide broad-spectrum protection from the sun from both UVB and UVA rays.

UVB rays cause the skin to burn while UVA rays cause signs of aging such as freckles, fine lines, wrinkles. Neither of them are something you’d want, do you?

Know that your sunscreen can’t completely block the total sun rays that reach your skin. Solar energy contains infrared radiations which are much heavier than to be blocked by a mere sunblock. So, they do penetrate deeply into the skin causing free radicals.

What to do then? Serum under sunscreen!!!

Yes, antioxidant serums like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Ferulic Acid fight free radicals in the deeper layers of your skin thus reducing the oxidative stress your skin faces with sun exposure. To further reduce UV damage that leads to photo-aging and skin cancer, additional topical measures are now researched to be beneficial for the skin.

Recommended antioxidants include Chamomile essential oil, gorgonian extract, echinacea pallida extract, vitamin c, vitamin e, ferulic acid.

Skin Deva got you covered

While you’re still thinking about which serum under sunscreen to go with, our Vitamin C+E+Ferulic Acid provides maximum protection against harmful UV rays.

We do have a good alternative for people with sensitive skin types who can not use all three antioxidants simultaneously on their skin. Vitamin C+Matrixyl 3000 is the best catch to go with in case you need a peptide, antioxidant and hydrating molecule to fight the long-battle of UV damage.

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