Sensitive skin type vitamin c serum to be used

Sensitive skin type vitamin c serum to be used

Sensitive skin type is like having good skin one second and a face full of pimples and marks the other. The nightmare of dealing with sensitive skin type is real and the worst thing if you ask me is choosing the right products. The best consumers of vitamin c and active ingredients that treat and reduce acne and acne scars are the ones with sensitive skin type but choosing a sensitive skin type vitamin c serum is a struggle because – YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT WILL BREAK YOU OUT!

Vitamin C is an active ingredient and sensitive skin reacts too quickly too easy with even one use of this amazing ingredient. So, the question is, how do you select the right sensitive skin type vitamin c serum? It is not as simple as it may sound.

Selecting the right sensitive skin type vitamin c serum

Although we have four seasons throughout the year, but sensitive skin type knows no season other than two; Summers and Winters. And why is that? Because it’s a struggle even wearing makeup or sunblock with sensitive skin and treating hyperpigmentation, discoloration, acne scars and dark spots with vitamin c do not seem like a suitable option for you at times. But this blog will help you out with just that!

Know the Ingredients used with Vitamin C

Serums, creams, moisturizers, cleansers, or even makeup products are never 100% pure one ingredient but contain other ingredients too in it and this is what you should look out for. You know your skin better and no one else so you should know which ingredient reacts to your skin badly. So start reading the ingredient list you beauties!

Vitamin c may seem like a harmless ingredient but trust me it is not. You should be very careful when opting for a vitamin c based product because it’s an active ingredient and can cause serious damage to your skin.

A hydrating ingredient like Hyaluronic acid works well with Vitamin c and this is something you should always look for. More than one active ingredients combined with vitamin c are also amazing but for those who have normal skin or are prone to acids and active ingredients.

Vitamin C and other active ingredients

Other active ingredients like Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid works wonders when combined with Vitamin c but are not always a good option for people with sensitive skin type. You know it well enough now that sensitive skin type vitamin c serum is a different world and you should be wary about what you’re choosing to put on your skin.

If your skin is prone to other active ingredients like Lactic Acid, Glycolic acid, etc, then you can go about choosing this combination of vitamin c for you; Vitamin C+E+Ferulic Acid

Peptide and Vitamin C

Matrixyl peptide is known for its amazing property of shrinking large open pores and has not received any criticism for breaking out people.

Vitamin c and peptides are becoming a buzz in the skincare industry with its amazing properties of treating hyperpigmentation and reducing the appearance of aging signs. While Matrixyl works pretty brilliantly in creating skin-boosting proteins, they become even better when combined with active ingredients such as Vitamin C.

Vitamin c is known for protecting the skin from environmental aggressors that induces oxidative stress and free radicals so when it is combined with matrixyl peptide, it causes the breakdown of proteins such as collagen and elastin.

Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin C

Hyaluronic acid is known for its property of locking in essential moisture and keeping your skin hydrated at all times. As we age, our skin loses its potential to build more hyaluron thus hyaluronic acid provides the necessary hydration your skin needs to look fresh and young.

When combined with Vitamin C, this amazing duo will not only keep your skin hydrated but will also treat hyperpigmentation, discoloration, dark spots and acne scars. It will also reduce the intensity of vitamin c thus the active ingredient will sting less and work more

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