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Love it!

I have tried many vitamin C serums. This is by far the best one I have tried. Definitely buy it again!

Hydrating Cleanser
Frances Deluca
great product

love this product! I actually use it all over my body; don't need much to do that ;goes a long way!

A must

Every person no matter age or whatever needs to buy HA forever. And this one is my favorite so far!
42 yrs old for reference.
Instagram: Cristy Ley
Skincare junkie 🙂


I love this product. I live near the beach and I take so much care of my skin and the components of the vitamin C work perfect for me! I have gone thru several bottles! 42 yrs for reference. Instagram: Cristy Ley

Been loving it

I have used it a week only and love how my face looks! Like tightening but without the dry skin! And believe me I have tries tons of skincare bc my job and I know the subject pretty well. 42 yrs old for reference. IG: Cristy Ley

Happy with Argireline

I have been very happy with the Argireline 3000+Hyaluronic Acid and also all the diva project said I have used over the years. If you want anybody to try them as an experiment you can always send them to me in the UK 😊

frankly surprised.

I am seeing a difference already on my forehead pillow lines... all is flattening and I am stoked about this.

Actually works!

Definitely reduced the darkness below my eyes and in the inner corners of eyes including the skin on side of nose.


Dermaroller 192 Micro Needle 0.5 mm

Excelente producto!!

Me encanta su textura , todavia no termino el primer gotero y mi piel se ve luminosa , saludable y el tono mucho más parejo . Lo que no me gusta es el gotero, pues cuando se destapa entra aire al producto y se oxida cuando está a mitad . Me gustaría que viniera en un frasco con dispensador que no tenga que destaparse y asi evitarian que se dañe el producto antes que se termine.

Love it !

Very happy with my derma roller .5 Perfection was had Love it! KP


I have been using this in conjunction with my retinol in my evening routine. I apply this serum first on clean skin. My lines around my eyes have greatly improved! My forehead wrinkles do not look as deep. I am waiting for the arrival of my second bottle and will continue to use!!!

Hyperpigmentation reduction with amazing trio combination serums

Fantastic formulation in a bottle & targets even the toughest wrinkles!!

I am 55 yo. Started less than a month ago. Saw results after 19 days. I have problematic areas which are the fine lines on my forehead, the deeply etched lines on my 11s and my deep nasolabial folds. After using it even the most problematic areas have shown improvement with lines becoming less severe and the nasolabial folds have lessen. The texture is nice as it is water based and easily absorbed. I felt a deep firming sensation after my first application, my skin although sensitive and thin could easily adapt to this formulation. I use it AM & PM with 3-4 drops on the problematic areas in the morning and 4-5 drops on the whole face with my Foreo Bear. It is costly though after conversion & shipping but worth every drop.

LOVE this serum

I have been using this serum about a year and I love it! Doesn't dry me out at all and I have 60 yr. old skin. I use it after my toner and then apply my face lotion on top. It mixes beautifully. I also use it around my eyes and on my eyelids with no irritation and I think it gives my lids a lift! Yes it has benzyl alcohol in it to preserve it but I do not find it drying. In fact, it helps keep my rosacea gone because benzyl alcohol kills parasites. (we all have demodex mites on our skin, those who have more tend to have an overabundance of them and develop rosacea ). I cured mine and this serum helps keeps me clear and free of breakouts!

Squalane 100% Pure
Louise De seve

Squalane 100% Pure

Get happy

Happy I took the chance on this product. Have noticed the lines above my mouth have decreased considerably. Will order this product again..


Haven’t used product yet but came very quick! Needles are real and at a great price. Not the cheap kind at all. Will order again great!

Pleasant Surprise!

I am thrilled that I discovered this product (thanks to Jennifer Myers channel). I've been regularly using iSClinicals super serum for years now and did not think I would find anything that could compare to this, but this product does AND it's much less expensive. I'm so grateful to Jennifer Myers for this recommendation and to Skin Deva for creating such an effective C serum. 🙂 x 100.

isn't drying!

I tried this cleanser for the first time as I like the Vitamin C Serum but the cleanser has a smell that some might not like (doesn't bother me) & keep away from your eyes as it stings.


i really see results after only 3 weeks - this works!

Great product

Loving this serum - will definitely order again

Love the serum

Recommend to buy

keeps my skin looking great

found this product on a derm review & have purchased twice. I've got good skin so no miraculous changes but it does maintain that good skin! Would recommend as an affordable alternative to Skinceuticals.