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I really enjoy the serum, this is already my second bottle

Coenzyme Q10

I have been using this for a couple days and so far so good !! Can’t wait to see long term affects..


First timer

Received quickly & finally used it .. waiting to see results in a few months. Thank you!

Great product!

This makes my skin so soft and smooth. It works just as good as the similar higher price products.

.75 Roller

I like it a lot. Stings more than my .25 for sure. Once done rolling it really just feels like a sunburned face.
I also received a vile of vitamin c/hyaluronic acid and a carry bag with the purchase of my .25 roller from a different seller. I do believe these should all have a product for after care included in the purchase.
The roller is good, the needles are nice and sharp.

Worth it

Really awesome product!
One less star because its plastic.

Great vitamin C serum

I’ve used this serum for years, it works and makes a noticeable difference!

Love it!

I love the spray, however, I have to agree with some other reviews about the sprayer does not agree with the product!! Too much comes out at once, with too much force, which is such a disappointment for such a wonderful product!! Hence the 4 stars!! I really hope they can fix this problem!

Great packaging and quality

This dermaroller is versatile and can be used to treat skin as well as used on the scalp to promote hair growth. It’s easy to use and the packaging is nice and sleek, and the needles are good quality!

Excellent products that really work

I'm using these products for 3 years by now and noticed the results after 1 year of usage. I'm 42 years old and never left home without foundation because of the dark sports and uneven skin tone. For 2 years by now I can go outside without foundation, but only wearing colorless sunscreen.
I'm also very happy with the service. I live in Europe and always receive my order very quickly, which is very important when ordering serum C+E+Ferulic as it expires approximately 6 months after purchasing.
Also delivery fees are relatively low comparing to the other brands when delivering to Europe. Great price point too.
Thank you Skin Deva!


Angie, a YouTuber referred me to using this product

I use many serums in conjunction with a skin regimen and I’m not quite sure exactly if this is the product that makes the magic or a bouquet of all of the serum’s that I use

Excellent serum!

I was using Skinceuticals HLA and can attest that the Skin Deva HLA serum works much better and costs much less.  Also, you only need 2-3 drops for the entire face.



Micro needles

These are quite strong, I have had the 0.25 before, which I could use without really having any impact on my skin, other than getting a bit red. These new ones definitely are making mini punctures and I have to use them super lightly...
But, product certainly good!,

Best skincare decision of my life!

As a woman in my late 30s, my skin was starting to look dull and lifeless. I heard about vitamin C serum and started looking around for the best one. What I found was that most vitamin C serums are not only expensive, but they also oxidize relatively fast and become far less potent. SkinDeva has created a vitamin C serum that is both inexpensive and fortified with vitamin E and Ferulic Acid to extend the life and potency of the product. I’ve had this for a few weeks now - my skin is absolutely GLOWING and I’ve used almost none of the product (a little goes a long way). The texture and tone of my skin has drastically improved and it fits perfectly in with the skincare routine I was already doing. Best buy ever - I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to revive dull skin. Will most certainly be repurchasing! 

Great combo serum

20% stabilized C is great - add E & ferulic acid and you have a winner.

Great results within three months. Good customer service

Steel needles make the difference!

I used this 1.0 to roll my body. These steel needles are so much better than the Titanium ones from Amazon. They really do the trick!

Dynamic Trio for Skin Tightening and wrinkle reduction


Cucumber spray

Very nice. Would give 5 stars but one leaked in packaging