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Excellent product

I have been using the Vit C fluract acid and Vit serum. I love it it tightens jaw line and produces great coverage for jawline. Your face will glow.

Effective but gentle

Thanks to Sarah from No bs beauty for her review and knowledge i love this potent but gentle serum. From now on this is my Vit c serum

Squalane 100% Pure
Bea from Texas

I’ve been purchasing this Squalene 100% Pure fo my sister for a couple of years, she loves it.

.75 Micro Needle

I use this size .75 Micro needle on my scalp, this is an excellent product and will continue to purchase them.

Something New

Just recently learned of the benefits of dermarolling with a 0.25 needle. I will be incorporating this into my weekly routine along with my use of the 0.50 dermaroller that I use monthly.

Dark circle eye cream

I personally don’t know how this performs cause I purchase this for my sister, this is the 3rd one I’ve bought for her and she likes it.

Rewiew Request

Since I have been using all your products my Skin has been transgormed .And I am 58 years old 🙂. I.will continued to order and buy these products " Skin Deva" . Fast delivery even if there are extra customs fees 😑..merci


I love it! Especially the texture and how it makes my skin feel. Finally a serum that's not sticky and absorbs really fast.

20%Argireline+matrixyl 3000+hyaluronic acid serum

Love my serums. I use everyday.

Good price but I was allergic

Please do a patch test before putting on your face, unlike me, i was too excited to wait.


Derma Roller

I recently started using the derma roller. I’ve started to see minimal results. I’ll review it after I’ve been using it for 6 mos to a year. I was happy with how fast I received the product. The description was actuate. I will be ordering from Skin Diva again.

Dermaroller 192 Micro Needle 1.0 mm


I love this lightweight silky serum that is not sticky nor tacky and dries quickly into the skin. Thanks guys!

Vitamin C is my HG

I use Vit C serum as a part of my daily routine, I have been using it for a few years now and I love it. Also, it is great for when you are about to have a breakout, i just put this on before bed, and it goes away by the next morning (if you catch it right away)!

20% Vitamin C + E

It's a little runny. I feel I use too much to get it all over my face.

One of the best vitamin c serum.

Love the texture of the serum and it’s great on sensitive skin. Does not irritate my skin, has a light east to absorb texture and very hydrating.


I’m confused on how often to use it. When do I do serums before or after. What about my retina.

20% Vit C & E Ferulic Acid Serum

Outstanding product for the price. It is difficult for me to honestly give my opinion regarding the efficacy of the product as I started using retin A around the same time. I will say though, whether it be from the retin A or the combination of the two products, my skin has never looked so good! I will continue to purchase this product and would recommend it to others.

Great product

This is My Face Miracle

I can’t say enough about this serum. In the year of using this product, ithas plumped my skin, helped with fine lines, improved the texture of my skin, and made my skin look more radiant and youthful. I apply this product to clean, damp skin twice a day! I recently had an esthetician ask if I had a facelift!

Love the feel of this and does wonders for my complexion

Your products are more expensive than some others but I really feel it’s worth it

Good product

I have used 2 other brands. One was a little more expensive but left my face extra sticky when applied. The other brand was comparable in price and recently changed their packaging; I bought it 2x in the new package. The 1st bottle leaked. The 2nd bottle had product that had already started to turn yellow. I tried this product and it works well, is not sticky, and did not degrade quickly. I am on my 2nd bottle.

Nice Dermaroller

Will order again. Doesn't grab my hair like some of the other dermarollers I've tried. On my third week micro needling my scalp and the roller still performs smoothly. Quality is good for the price, fits my budget and my expectation.