Quarantine and skincare – A better love story

quarantine and skincare

If you’re going in a cocoon, better come out as a butterfly. This quarantine, bring out your A+ game in skincare. Make your quarantine and skincare story worth telling. Your beauty routine is your way of showing up for the world with the dignity you deserve.

Focusing on what you can control

Obviously, these are extraordinary times. The current worldwide crisis has disrupted normal routines. It’s easy to neglect or simply drop your beauty regimen when you’re not going out and mingling with others.

Now that you’re home all the time, it takes a little extra effort to motivate yourself to follow your skincare routine. But when you do, the payoff is that you will feel a little lighter, a little more confident, and a little more upbeat.

It’s easy to forget that your beauty routine is not just for others. Its primary purpose is to expand your own joy. When you’re in a time of crisis and your peace of mind is disrupted, cultivating joy can be a lifesaver.

When all of your normal schedules are stalled, your quarantine beauty routine is a chance to self-nourish — for me, it’s the ultimate form of self-care.

That’s why you should keep your quarantine and skincare goal upbeat.


When sheltered at home, disconnected from the outside world, and unable to visit salons to take care of yourself, being present to your own beauty needs can structure quarantine chaos in an unparalleled way.

A beauty routine isn’t just about your body. It’s anything and everything you let into your senses that fills you with pleasure.

When you smell the essential oils that you use for self-massage or feel the oil against your skin, you are getting in touch with your senses. This will get you out of your head, out of the worry, and into your body.

With so many things out of control, an intact beauty routine is a gift. It’s something you can do. It’s one thing where you still have a choice.

When you start your routine each morning, you will feel the empowerment of directing your own actions and making your own decisions. You can focus your mind every time you engage in simple self-care. The reflection of who you become in the mirror each morning is something you can choose.

When you do, you will feel radiant.

Bringing beauty back – Quarantine and skincare

When you consciously choose to make beauty a priority, there are a few ways you set yourself up with the right mindset.

First, you will get inspired. You can give your mind something delightful to settle on by spending a few minutes savoring something beautiful. You can gaze at a fine piece of art, listen to a soothing piece of music, or relish an intoxicating scent. Just let it into your senses like the most delectable food, allowing it to fill you up.

Then you treat it like a date with yourself by asking yourself, “How do I want to adorn myself today?”

You can imagine that each piece of clothing you put on gives you energy, power, and poise. Each hue you dust your eyelids with is like the colors of the sunset. You can evoke sensuality every step of the way.

Let it be fun, even playful. Once you commit, you can sculpt your routine daily to fluidly nurture your needs.

The well-crafted regimen not only gives you a glow and relaxes fine lines, it can soothe the harshness of the ever-changing times. Beauty is its own unique and essential medicine.

From this perspective, your beauty routine doesn’t need to be dismissed as an indulgence. You can cherish it as fundamental to your health.

Routine makes it real

A framework allows for attention to beauty from your head to your feet. With no one watching, you can deepen your daily routines.

Try these quarantine and skincare tips to add some extra beauty to your day:

  • Add extra moisture to your hands after constant washing and sanitizing.
  • Massage your feet with oil or lotion and wear socks to bed. Bonus: You’ll sleep more soundly, too.
  • Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to a spray bottle and spritz around your home.
  • Create nourishing lip scrubs with brown sugar and olive oil for moisture.
  • Mix a DIY hair mask or blend of oils that work for you. Comb the mixture through your hair and wrap up in a towel for 20 minutes. For a deep conditioner, leave in overnight and rinse out in the morning.
  • Give your nails a break right now. Apply coconut or olive oil to your cuticles at night in lieu of polish.
  • Don’t forget your eyes. If you, like many right now, are spending extra hours staring at your screen all day, show your peepers some TLC by lightly dabbing some oil or face lotion on your under-eye area.
  • Pamper with self-massage. Use light body oil and slow, sensual movements. When we’re physical distancing, massage is an important form of self-love.

Quarantine gives us space

That space can be an opportunity.

When something gets taken away, you get to choose what fills that space. For me, extra self-care is the perfect addition.

Your routine matters more to you now than before, because you can no longer rely on what used to work.

Every day, you structure your life around the values you choose. When you make beauty a core value, you stand up for your health and confidence. Plus, you’re bringing a little beauty into a difficult time.

Remember, beauty is not superficial. Beauty is a way to pamper your inner life and always remind you — quarantine or not — of your essential dignity and worth as a human being.

True beauty is radiant. It’s the kind that makes other people stop and take notice. It starts from deep within.

It’s the kind of beauty that comes from love and respect for ourselves, and our beauty routine can be the ritual where that deep self-love happens. This is why Quarantine and skincare is a necessary thing to uphold.


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