Launching the two best cleansers for skin

best cleansers for skin

From serums to derma rollers to oils to eye creams, Skin Deva sure prioritized your skin concerns over anything. The whole range of Skin Deva covers all acne, hyperpigmentation, discoloration, dry patches, dehydrated skin, open pores, wrinkles, sagging, dark circles and basically all skin concerns but what we didn’t have is a solution for a hydrated and clean face, right? Say no more. Introducing two best cleansers for skin!

Best Cleansers for skin

Beat the heat with our new Hydrating Cleanser!

When the scorching sun turns against you and your skin feels exhausted and dehydrated, Skin Deva’s Hydrating Cleanser will come in handy. Sodium Hyaluronate aka Hyaluronic Acid will draw hydration, lock-in essential moisture, control excessive sebum production, and give you smooth, clear, and hydrated skin all-day-long!

Your second-best friend during summers is the best cleansers for skin and who could more justify than Skin Deva. Skin Deva’s hydrating cleanser provides an extra boost of hydration to the skin with its sodium hyaluronate aka hyaluronic acid. It draws in hydration from the external and internal environment. The best part about this cleanser is that it reduces inflammation, and reduces the excessive production of sebum.

Struggling through oily skin? Here’s a fix

The amazing Hydrating cleanser is the best cleansers of skin for oily skin type. No more excessive sebum production or greasy skin, just one wash and you have soft, supple, and hydrated skin!

Acne cleanser for skin

Tell me a more horror story than waking up and finding a pimple on your face.

Acne isn’t just a teenage problem, according to research, those disgusting zits and pimples are not age constraint and can pop up at any phase of your life. The reason may differ like diet, environment or stress but now you don’t have to suffer from it. To get the ultimate skin goals, we talked to our team and launched a new cleanser that would fade away all zits from your life! Best Cleansers for skin are to dye for and having an acne cleanser for skin is just smooth. According to Dr Cynthia Baily, M.D, President and CEO of Advanced Skin Care and Dermatology Physicians, Inc. an acne cleanser should have at least one of these important ingredients: Benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid or salicylic acid.

The acne cleanser of Skin Deva contains Salicylic acid that can penetrate your pores and eliminate excess sebum and impurities that close your pores. Impurities can be makeup, excessive oil, bacteria, and even dead skin cells. They irritate the skin and pop up painful and horrible zits.

Smooth skin is the key to a peaceful life – Acne-reducing Powerhouse!

What’s better than having an even skin and a no-pimple skin? Blessed are those with skin goals and bless you for reading up till now because you’re just one step closer to having smooth, subtle and hydrated skin.

Featuring a potent combination of salicylic acid and polysorbate 20, this acne-fighting cleanser is an acne-reducing powerhouse. Cleans deep into your pores, removes impurities like dead skin cells, makeup, oil and bacteria leaving you with a smoother, brighter and a zit-free blessed skin

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