Halloween and skincare. Are you doing it right?

Well, you gotta do what you gotta do. Halloween is right around the corner, the ultimate spooky season, have you geared up already for an extraordinary Halloween this year? One major thing you’re missing out on is the skincare regime you SHOULD follow before, during, and post-Halloween to not let the sheer layers of makeup ruin your goddess-like flawless skin. Halloween and skincare, repeat after me, Halloween and skincare, let the horror days begin!

Halloween and Skincare – Why it’s important?

You must be wondering, why can’t I enjoy my life free of skincare regime once in my life? Well, we got your back!

Skincare is as essential as drinking water (which of course you need more considering you’ll be trick and treating everywhere so gotta keep yourself hydrated!). If you are after achieving flawless skin, following a healthy skincare regime is all it takes. Just like you switch to hot beverages during winters and to cold during summers, there are do’s and don’ts of skincare regime with the changing environment and events!

All you require are few drops of essential serums to make sure the excessive makeup you’re putting up on your skin and suffocating your pores with does not harm your skin at all.

Skincare for all your Hookus-Pookus Parties!

While Halloween lets you be whoever you wish to be, and your magical tools of makeup let you explore the artistry side of you, do you want to look spooky after Halloween too? I hope not!

Fear not – there’s more than one solution to not let makeup suffocate your skin. Whether you’re going as a witch, a rock star, or a superhero, Skin Deva’s superhero serums will save your days of Halloween all smooth and fine.

Explore and play with the looks that may be outside of your everyday realms, such as black lipstick or fortune teller-inspired false lashes because Skin Deva’s skincare products have got you covered!

Skincare serums you need this Halloween!

We have listed down must have serums you need to get through this Halloween smoothly! Let’s dig in:

1. Skin drying out due to excessive makeup? How about a collagen booster or low-weight oil?

Your skin is made up of two things: Collagen and Elastin and just imagine the benefits it’ll yield if used as a moisturizer? Skin Deva’s Coenzyme Q10 serum is something you need to kick-in that collagen boost your skin requires after all that heavy makeup you use on it. The milky-solution of this serum won’t let you dry out. This powerful trio of Collagen booster, peptide, and hydrating molecules is your Halloween best friend!

While Coenzyme Q10 provides collagen boost, matrixyl 3000 unclogs your pores, and hyaluronic acid locks-in essential moisture. Name a more powerful serum than this for Halloween?

Got yourself something for extremely dry skin but it may be too greasy to handle? Squalane oil to save the day!

While most oils oxidize on the skin and make it too greasy to handle, this one is pure magic. Perfect moisturizing oil to use post-Halloween dried-out skin or even over your makeup to achieve that dewy look during fall?

Cherry on top – it also reduces acne. What more do you want? Skin Deva’s 100& Pure Squalane oil will keep you safe this Halloween from drying out. Shine like it never happened *wink*

2. Hyperpigmentation, Discolouration, or acne scars? Vitamin C to save the day.

All hail the Queen of Serums, Vitamin C!! Whether you have sensitive skin or normal skin, Skin Deva has something for everyone. This Halloween say no to more hyperpigmentation with this powerful burst of three active ingredients – Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Ferulic Acid.

While Vitamin C and Ferulic Acid being powerful antioxidants reduces hyperpigmentation, discoloration, and dark spots, Vitamin E keeps the skin tight and does not let it sag.

How cool does that sound?

Sensitive skin and want to use Vitamin C products? Say no more!

Skin Deva’s serum of Vitamin C+matrixyl 3000+Hyaluronic acid will keep you safe this Halloween without breaking you out with a smooth, even tone.

While Vitamin C works it magic in treating hyperpigmentation, discoloration, dark spots, and acne scars, Matrixyl 3000 shrinks large open pores, and guess what hyaluronic acid does? Hyaluronic acid replaces dirt and debris from your skin pores with hydrating molecules so your skin stays fresh and your makeup stays on point.

You slayin’ girl!

We gotta have each other’s back

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