Fight oily skin by keeping your skin hydrated

fight oily skin

Fight oily skin by keeping your skin hydrated


Oily skin is not a curse that you think of it as, a lot of women around the world have oily skin and they flaunt it with perfection. All you need is to fight oily skin by keeping it hydrated. The skin produces oil to protect your skin from the harmful pollutants, so it’s better if you do not use products that reduce your skin oil instead fight oily skin in a better and productive way.

The products that reduce oil from skin also exhaust your skin by using up all the moisture away from your skin. In order to have a perfectly flawless oily skin, the best course of action is to keep it hydrated at all times. But how exactly it can be done? This blog will help in making you love your own skin!

Fight Oily Skin. Flaunt your Flawless Oily Skin

You would not want your skin to be dried up completely, would you? A lot of beauty products take up all the moisture away from skin in order to reduce the amounts of oil. Thus, the skin dries up and leads to dry patches, making you wonder for what happened. The many side effects of completely removing the oil from your skin are fungal acne, dry acne, dry patches, eczema, skin breakout and much more.

Incorporate Hyaluronic Acid in your skincare regime

The more water you drink, the healthier skin you will have. This statement can’t be truer, the skin contains 64% water which is a huge percentage.

How does our skin get dehydrated?

As we age, our skin loses its potential to build Hyaluron which is an essential peptide that holds water. The lesser hyaluron your skin produces, the earlier you age. Skin looks dehydrated with less amount of Hyaluron, thus water is the key to get that flawless skin.

Oily acne and Dehydrated skin

An oily skin may be dehydrated without you knowing about it. If you are facing frequent breakouts due to oily skin and you’re thinking to use products that reduce oil, one word, DON’T.

Use products that contain Hyaluronic Acid instead because they will provide your skin with necessary Hyaluron to hold essential moisture into the skin. The more hydrated your skin is, the less chances of breakout there will be.

Deeper Penetration

One of the many benefits of Hyaluronic Acid is that it provides deeper penetration of the products. Not all products reach the deepest layers of cells, but if you incorporate Hyaluronic Acid with whatever skincare product you are using, Voila! Your skin will get the most of that product plus hydration, talk about 2 in 1.

Use with or without makeup

Makeup looked fine when you were indoors but right when you left the building, your sebum starts acting out? The makeup stress makes your skin sweat and produce more sebum. In order to avoid makeup stress, one must use Hyaluronic Acid before applying makeup. Brownie Points for those who tap some drops of Hyaluronic Acid on their skin even after makeup. This will keep your skin hydrated all day long.

Treat tiny bumps after waxing/threading/shaving your face with Hyaluronic Acid

Fight oily skin is a bigger term which can easily be treated and fought with one product; Hyaluronic Acid. It is common to get tiny bumps on the skin after waxing/threading/shaving face especially if you have an oily skin. In order to fight oily skin and these tiny bumps, using Hyaluronic Acid before and after would give you a soft, supple and flawless skin.

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