Top 5 benefits of at-home Microneedling with Derma Roller

derma roller

The thought of derma rolling or micro-needling at home that involves puncturing the face with tiny needles is scary. However, with the correct derma roller and professional instructions, at-home micro-needling can be a cost-effective solution to get smoother, firmer skin. In this article, we have covered the top benefits of derma roller at home.

What is Microneedling/Derma Roller, and How does it Work?

A derma roller is a type of skincare tool also known as a microneedle roller. A handle is on one end, while a roller with several little, fine needles is on the other.

As you run it over your face, the tiny needles slightly puncture the skin. Piercing the skin with small holes promotes collagen production and, in effect, revitalizes the skin’s healing and regeneration. This is why microneedling is such a successful means of reducing acne scars and age symptoms like wrinkles, age spots, and fine lines.

Top 5 Amazing Benefits of Derma Roller

  • Skin Rejuvenation

Derma rolling might help you renew your skin. It will make your skin seem younger and more vibrant. It lowers the effects of ageing and tightens the skin by increasing blood flow and the overproduction of collagen. Use it in conjunction with a moisturizer and serum to make you appear younger than you are.

  • Effective in the Treatment of a Variety of Skin Conditions

Apart from scarring, stretch marks, acne vulgaris, and skin rejuvenation, derma rolling treatment has been shown to be useful in treating a variety of dermatologic diseases, including melanosis, melasma, and hyperhidrosis.


  • Absorption of the product

Dermarolling generates hundreds of microchannels on the skin, allowing topical skincare products to absorb faster and more deeply. As a result, it can boost the absorption and effectiveness of skincare products, allowing the skin to get the most out of its serums, antioxidants, and peptides.

  • Treat Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation occurs when melanin is produced or released in excess. It might be the result of sun exposure, acne scars, or a combination of causes. A derma roller aids in the breakdown of old hyperpigmented skin cells, and the body responds to injury by producing new cells.

  • Microneedling for hair loss

Microneedling on the scalp improves blood circulation, which transports all of the growth-promoting hormones and essential nutrients. It will also encourage the creation of collagen in the skin. As a result, all of these activities aid in the growth of new hair. Also, because micro needling generates millions of channels on the scalp, which facilitates the absorption of topical hair care products like oils and serums, you may apply a topical hair growth-promoting product to enhance the hair development process.

Derma rollers are FDA-approved beauty tools so that you can be confident in their safety concern for the skin. Skin Deva introduced quality ensured stainless steel 192 microneedle best derma rollers which come in different sizes. 

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