Derma roller needle sizes: All you need to know

derma roller 0.25

Derma rolling is a technique that may help you achieve your goal of healthier, more beautiful skin. Due to the wide variety of derma roller sizes on the market, choosing the proper one and determining the optimal frequency of application can be challenging. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what a derma roller is, why derma rolling is helpful, how often you should do it, and what size roller you should use.

Derma rolling: what’s it all about?

Derma rolling, called micro-needling or collagen induction treatment (CIT), is a non-surgical method of stimulating collagen production by puncturing the epidermis. This increases the body’s natural collagen production, lessening the appearance of fine lines and improving the skin’s general texture and tone. Hyperpigmentation, acne scars, pore size, and UV damage are all aided by this treatment.

When Should a 0.75 mm Derma Roller Be Used?

If you have sensitive skin or are just starting with derma rolling, we recommend starting with a 0.75 derma roller. Without irritating or otherwise distressing the skin, a needle of this size can reach deep enough into the dermis to induce collagen formation. The recommended frequency is every other week or once a week if necessary.

When Should I Use a 1 mm Derma roller?

Those with harder or thicker skin who want more dramatic results should go for a 1 mm derma roller rather than a 0.75mm one. Because it goes deeper than a 0.75mm needle, it can irritate the skin if used more than once every four weeks. Using a needle of this size improperly could cause injury. Therefore it’s best to avoid doing so anywhere near the eyes or lips.

How Effective Are a 0.25mm and 0.5mm Derma Roller?

How do I use it, and how often can I use it? Since it only penetrates superficially into your skin’s surface layers, a derma roller 0.25 and derma roller 0.5 mm are recommended for people hoping for more favorable results from their CIT therapy without much danger of irritation or discomfort. To avoid damaging or over stimulating your skin’s natural healing process, you should limit the usage of a needle of this size to no more than three times weekly. Remember that this tiny needle will not provide spectacular results like larger needles would, and use the smaller roller accordingly.

How derma roller should be used?

Once you’ve purchased your derma roller, it’s time to prep your skin before use. Make sure your face is clean by washing it with a gentle cleanser; apply some hydrating serum like hyaluronic acid to add moisture back into your skin after it’s been cleansed. Roll the device gently on your skin, and after derma rolling, follow up with a good hydrating serum and a moisturizer.

There is probably a derma roller of the right size for you, whether you want to use it to subtly improve your skin’s overall texture or to dramatically reduce your wrinkles and acne scars. Now that you know the ins and outs of each size, you can more easily pick the one that works best for you. It’s important to remember that overusing a huge needle can be harmful. Therefore it’s best to ease into it with smaller hands. In the hands of a conscientious user who uses the device regularly, derma rolling can produce stunning results without putting the user at risk.

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