Everything you need to know about Dermarolling and best derma roller to use

best derma roller

If you have come this far when you are ready to roll over hundreds of needles all at once on your face, then you must read this and get a sound knowledge to properly use it. This blog would help you select best derma roller that fits your face requirements perfectly.

Dermarolling which is widely known as microneedling is a cosmetic procedure where a rolling or stamping device inserts hundreds or thousands of needles into the surface of skin. It is minimally invasive procedure with no to little downtime. It totally depends upon the size of needles you are using for when your skin will recover from the pain and scaring of these needles.

There are a ton of benefits beneath those little needs that are encapsulated throughout the roller. They are not as cute as they may seem, sharp enough to get a big scar if not used properly. So, make sure you are using it under supervision if you’re not a pro.

Despite of how terrifying it may seem due to several needles that rubs along your skin, it is a minimally invasive procedure to undergo with little to no downtime. Nonetheless, the recovery process and duration largely depend upon the length of needles used in the process. The longer the needles, the lengthier its recovery duration.


Dermaroller benefits

You must be thinking what good are these micro needles and it better should have amazing benefits else who in their senses would undergo such torture. The answer is, don’t you want to look good?

There are a ton of benefits that these microneedles provide. Rolling them over skin may help with acne scarring, stretch marks, skin discoloration, wrinkles, facial rejuvenation, increased skin thickness, and enhanced product absorption.


How does Dermarollers work?

Before going on that topic, make sure you are aware that these micro needles will create microscopic wounds all over the exposed skin to induce elastin and collagen production. If you are not already aware of what collagen and elastin does to skin, we will be releasing yet another blog that may help you understand it better.

Dermarolling is also known as collagen induction therapy, so don’t go cray cray if you hear this name in the parlor you are visiting.

To be precise, collagen is a protein that is responsible for holding up all soft and connective tissues of a human body, such as cartilage, skin, muscles, bones and tendons. It is the most abundant protein in our body and one of the major reasons that helps us look young and gorgeous. Collagen production slows down with aging approx. 1% each year after the age of 25.


Choose your Dermarollers according to their size

It depends largely upon your goal of what size dermarollers are you rooting for. We have narrowed down length of microneedles and what they treat:

  • Acne Scars (deep) = 1.0 mm
  • Acne Scars (shallow) = 1.5 mm
  • Enlarged Pores = 0.25 – 0.5 mm (pores less visible and thickens epidermis)
  • Stretch Marks = 1.5 – 2.0 mm (start with 1.5 always)
  • Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) – 0.25mm – 0.5mm (increases cell turnover and product absorption)
  • Skin Discoloration = 0.2 – 1.0mm (start with smallest length) e.g. hypopigmentation, melasma
  • Wrinkles = 0.5 – 1.5 mm (Depending largely upon the depth)
  • Sun Damaged or Saggy Skin = 0.5 – 1.5 mm
  • Surgical Scars = 1.5 mm e.g. cesarean, vaccination, liposuction etc.
  • Uneven skin texture or tone – 0.5 mm

Note: Dermarolling will not help in Post Inflammatory Erythema (PIE)


How often Dermaroll can be used?

The length of needles depends upon the frequency of dermarolling. We have written all sizes and the maximum frequency they can be derma rolled on a skin. Use your best judgement and expert’s advice before doing another session and bringing your skin under severe damage!

  • 0 mm = Every 6 weeks (If you are using it at home, we recommend you use it under supervision or not at home)
  • 5 mm = once every 3 – 4 weeks
  • 0 mm = every 10 – 14 days
  • 5 mm = 1 -3 times weekly
  • 25 mm = every other day

Where can you find best derma roller

The main question arises here when you try searching for these little babies since everyone else is selling them but the needles either fall off easy or the results are not satisfying. People have also complained about getting the needle size not being constant in all products though they order one same length.

Well, in that case Skin Deva comes in handy. Skin Deva is a US manufacturer of Dermarollers and many other skin care products. All our products are certified, checked and processed. The size and length of needles are ensured and rechecked to make sure you get the best results. Till now, we have not yet received complaints about our dermarollers except compliments and more orders.

Skin Deva is selling Dermarollers in various sizes, among which 0.25mm, 0.75mm, 0.5mm and 1.0mm are available on our website. You can check for them from links mentioned below:





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