5 facts you did not about ascorbic acid? Benefits of Vitamin C

We all have grown up hearing stories about the benefits of vitamin C for our health and the intake of vitamin C is a must in the diet. But why are we talking about Vitamin C when the topic is about ascorbic acid? Ascorbic acid is also known as vitamin C which is found in many dietary supplements. Ascorbic acid is an isolated nutrient but not the whole vitamin C, it is a part of vitamin C.


It is recommended to take a daily dose of almost 65 to 90 mg per day through an ascorbic acid rich, balanced and healthy diet to keep your immune system on the go.


Researchers have found that finding good skincare products is the best way to slow signs of aging and a secret to healthy skin.


We all have heard about Vitamin C being extravagant for a human body. We have grown up hearing the qualities and benefits vitamin C has for us so that our mothers would end their jugs of orange juice. But that is not just how much your body needs vitamin C, your skin does too!


  1. Wait, my whole life was a lie?!

Absolutely no. As beneficial vitamin C is for the whole human body, it contains even great potential to reduce the signs of aging and is said to be a secret to healthy skin. Taking oral supplements, juices and fruits of vitamin C are good enough for the body, but sometimes our skin needs external exposure for deeper penetration.


  1. Skin is our first line of defense, we must take well care of it!

Skin breaks are a common thing these days, because of the increase in pollution in our environment. But does it mean we should ignore our skin and continue with the routine? This is high time to keep your skin protected against free radicals. Vitamin C helps greatly in combating against free radicals, photochemical reactions, skin discoloration and signs of aging. The antioxidant properties of Vitamin C play a major role in collagen synthesis that keeps the skin elastic and plumper.


  1. Combat against Melanomas by adding this potent vitamin in your Skin Care Regime

Vitamin C works wonders in inhibiting the production of pyrimidine dimers. Those who don’t already know, pyrimidine dimers are the primary cause of melanomas in human. Why risk your skin when all you have to do is apply two to three drops before going to bed?


  1. Silky texture can be gained by mixing vitamin C in moisturizer

The properties of both serums and moisturizers are different. The moisturizer is used to keep the skin moist and hydrated while serums work great in deeper absorption. When Vitamin C serum is added in your favorite moisturizer, the silky textured skin is some drops away!


  1. Fights free radical damage and signs of aging

We all are stressed over the damage caused by UV radiations, but we cannot obviously shut ourselves indoors all the time. This is where serums containing ascorbic acid comes in handy. They help greatly in fighting free radical damage and signs of aging.



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