5 Argan Oil Benefits that will sweep you off your feet

Argan Oil has been used among families throughout generations for stronger and healthier hair, nails and skin. Have we ever dug into the Argan Oil Benefits that we were completely unaware of?


Argan Oil Benefits and how to use them

In this blog you, we have narrowed down 5 major benefits of Argan oil that helps rejuvenate skin, hair and nails.


  1. Skin Moisturizer

Often termed as ‘liquid gold’, argan oil is commonly used as a moisturizer. To give skin a natural boost, Argan oil is an ideal product because of its high fatty acid and vitamin E content. This oil keeps skin hydrated and helps soften skin. The worst part about using oils is they become quite greasy, while for Argan oil, it is a non-greasy and non-irritating oil which makes it easier to use even on the skin.

Simple smooth tiny drops of pure Argan oil would be sufficing to use all over the body including face, and neck. Due to being non-irritating oil, this oil can be used as a lotion on face with gentle rubbing.

Pro tip: Every night before going to bed, it is recommended to massage pure Argan oil into your feet. It relieves feet from any pains and aches that your feet have constrained throughout the day. Also, if you have a dry skin, using Argan oil before going to bed would help waking up with a hydrated and fresh skin. Don’t forget to damp argan oil on face if you have an event next day, it helps setting makeup perfectly on the face even better than a primer!

  1. Hair Conditioner

We all know for a fact that oils help enhances the growth of hair. But the greasy, often dry and firm texture oil leaves hair with is what makes most people step back from using oils at all. Then comes Argan oil, which is a great hair conditioner. It will leave hair in an ideal condition with proven properties to make hair shinier, softer and silkier.

The best part starts with when split ends are treated and frizzy hair are tamed to look ravishingly beautiful. It is extremely easy to use and apply since it is available in several types of applications and each product has different results and many ways to use.

It is a go-to product and super handy to keep some in your handbag when in need of hair touchups. Frizzy hair often gets impossible and totally out of control but thanks to Argan oil, it comes out as a knight in the shining armor for every frizzy friend out here.

  1. Skin Toner

Skin care is most important regardless of gender and skin toning is an essential step in skin car routine. While everyone is busy buying expensive skin toner, we have a much cheaper and more amazing toner that you can keep at your hands at all times.

Argan oil is known for its skin toning and hydrating properties. You can use 2-4 drops to 8 ounces of your favorite toner (the brand doesn’t matter as long as it suits your skin) and enjoy a ravishingly smooth skin.

Don’t run about complaining how your skin is oily and dry at the same time when you have argan oil to use as a skin toner. It determines and rejuvenate skin according to its needs.

Pro tip: Add 1 cup of boiling water in a cup with green tea bag, let steep for 7-10 minutes. Allow the mixture to come to room temperature and remove the tea bag. Add 2-4 drops of Argan oil and a drop of your favorite essential oil (Tea tree, orange or lemon) and seal this mixture in a jar. It is best to use argan oil for face before and after moisturizing and cleaning while you do your night skin care routine. Wake up with a morning glow!

  1. Get back your shiny hair

Those hue of colors and dyes we see people getting, once in our lives we opt for that too. But bleaches and dyes leave our hair in a wreck. What to do in that situation? You don’t want to chop off your hair, but you are definitely finding a substitute to get back your shiny and sleek hair. This is where Argan Oil becomes a magic savior.

The main tip of celebrities having go through hair styling every day yet maintaining healthier hair is using argan oil for hair growth. It can be kept in a hand bag to damp on hair to get a bouncy look. People with grease-prone scalp can use this oil too but a little amount would be sufficing.

Heat-styling and bleaching leaves hair in a hopeless condition. So, a product like this should be part of your hair routine. Obviously to people’s eyes results are not visible after 1 wash but you can feel your hair smoother and softer than before and not so coarse!

  1. Cuticle Conditioner

It is tiring to get manicure every once in a while, so we maintain a nail care routine that helps our manicure last longer. It is time you add argan oil in your nail car routine to help condition cuticles. It really makes a difference and a number one tip for soft and easy-peel-off over-grown cuticles.

Nails and cuticles represent about the overall health of a body and cleaning habits. Nails are not dead. Never consider them dead, they are just hard, but they are living tissues. If you use Argan oil over them, it won’t just slip off, they absorb all sorts of oils and liquids. Do you ever wonder why do nails get soft after hot bath?

Pro tip: Mix equal parts of your favorite essential oil (lemon, orange or tea tree) and argan oil and soak for 10-15 minutes. This will give your nails a healthy glow and limit nail breakage. It is one of the best cuticle treatments that heals dry and cracked cuticles by only using one or two drops of aragn oil and gentle massage. You can damp hot towel over your nails after cuticle treatment with argan oil for a better result.

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