The Effective 3-step acne-reducing routine you must follow

acne-reducing routine

Follow this magical 3-step acne-reducing routine to eliminate acne:

We all know how acne can be a disastrous guest we never called for, we all have been there. And in such cases, no home remedies do you any better and the worst situation comes in when these guests are not planni3-step acne-reducing routineng in the near future to let go off your skin..well that’s where you know you need a 3-step acne-reducing routine.

In serious cases of acne, first thing that pops in your head is visiting a dermatologist but that could be quite expensive, getting the right recommendations for products you should be using is something that could save you some $$$ you need right now. We are here just for that. Dig deeper into this article and you will unleash the magical 3-step acne-reducing routine to reduce acne forever from your life.

3-step acne-reducing routine? I want it!

A 3-step Acne-reducing routine is essential when you’re prone to breakouts. All you gotta do is remove excessive sebum, keep pores clear, and treat hyperpigmentation quickly. With so many products available in the market, it’s hard to choose the right products for your acne-reducing routine, and with so much conflicting information out there, this blog will serve as light after a tunnel for you. Know that your daily skincare routine for acne doesn’t need to be complex to be effective, it can be plain and simple. In fact, you need just a few minutes of your day – few standards and you’re all set.

1.The first step of the 3-step acne-reducing routine is to Lock in the essential moisture:

We all have heard it, keep your skin hydrated and moisturized but people with oily skin breakout if they keep it moisturized during summers, right? Not anymore. As we age, our skin loses its potential to generate hylauron that keeps our skin hydrated and locks in essential moisture, so it does not depend on the amount of moisturizer you use on your skin but how you keep it moisturized and hydrated in the deeper layers.

The alternative to hyaluron is Pure Hyaluronic Acid which is readily available at any drug store and Skin Deva has it too in its Pure section. With 100% Pure Hyaluronic Acid, your skin locks in essential moisture in the deeper layers of your skin, it will draw moisture from the environment and within your body. The best thing about hyaluronic acid is that it removes excessive sebum! Yes, you heard me right.

Hyaluronic acid has the capability to replace sebum, dirt, and toxins with hydrating and moisturizing molecules. What causes acne? Sebum, dirt, and toxins do. Well, no more. Hyaluronic Acid will replace them and you can have acne-free skin forever. In case you already have acne, you have to use hyaluronic acid religiously like 9-12 times daily and as much as you can.

It further reduces makeup stress, hormonal acne, maskne, and every type of acne you can think of. The best part you ask me? It does not sting as most acids do, it does not break you out as most acids do. If you have dry skin, just use it with a moisturizer or Squalane oil and you’re good to go.

2. The Second step of the 3-step acne-reducing routine is to Cleanse gently but well:

Cleansing your face is important and with skin that is prone to acne, you should know that choosing your cleansers can put a huge impact on the integrity of your skin. We all have been there when we thought to ourselves, we had quite a soft and baby skin when we were young, I wish I could get that again. You can! Stop using rough pads or scrub aggressively, with that you’re not reducing acne but damaging your skin – this won’t get your skin any cleaner but make it worse.

3-step acne-reducing routine Salicylic Acid cleansers exfoliate the dead skin cells on the skin’s surface and decrease oil and sebum. Its anti-inflammatory and comedolytic properties make it the best cleanser you could use for even your active acne. Since it removes sebum and decreases oil, you might wanna consider using a moisturizer, squalane oil, or argan oil right after washing your face.

Most cleansers are unable to penetrate into the lipid skin layers while salicylic acid does, it can penetrate deeper into the skin and the pores. Salicylic acid also prevents blackheads and whiteheads since it de-clogs pores. Since it removes sebum and exfoliates your skin, it is recommended to use a salicylic acid cleanser not more than twice a week or a maximum of four times a week in case of severe acne. You can use a light, non-foaming, non-exfoliating gentle face wash in-between. But remember to keep your skin clean!

3-step acne-reducing routine3. The final step in the 3-step acne-reducing routine is to treat the hyperpigmentation:

Acne is the worst but wait till it’s gone and leaves huge acne scars behind. That’s when the nightmare actually begins. Now that you have a 3-step acne-reducing routine to fight acne, you should also take into consideration things that will help you fight the acne scars and spots that won’t go away that easily. The lifespan of acne is short but the lifespan of acne scars and spots can vary even up to a year.

So I’ve to ask, are you sure you can go out with huge spots on your face when there are treatments available in the market? Vitamin C is known  for its benefits in treating acne scars and this is what we’ll be talking about. While vitamin c reduces spots and hyperpigmentation, its antioxidant property fights free radicals and reduces the chances of skin cancer too.

With ozone layer breaking and damaging, you can’t stop UV and other harmful rays penetrating the world and ultimately our skin, what you can do is fight them within the deeper layers of your skin with vitamin C. Vitamin C works wonders for acne-reducing routine and when combined with Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid.

The antioxidant, anti-aging properties this trio contains are commendable and something every person should have on their shelves. While Vitamin C+E+Ferulic Acid does not necessarily suit everyone considering it has three active ingredients, Skin Deva’s promise to bringing skincare solutions for everyone stays put. Vitamin C+matrixyl 3000+hyaluronic acid is an equally amazing vitamin c alternative that Skin Deva offers for sensitive skin types.

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You know it in your heart you need a 3-step acne-reducing routine then what are you waiting for? Acne waits for nobody, it’s time you kick this stubborn and clingy guest out of your house and make room for clear and bright skin.

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